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Artwork & Photography

Beverley Lu Fine Art

I live in the beautiful province of New Brunswick, Canada and I have been painting since I have been a teenager.

I have a passion for creating and a strong love for anything nature related. My inspiration for my art comes from the nature that is around me, whether it is for pet portraits, landscapes or wildlife paintings. I usually let the brush take my mind where it wants to go when creating, then let my heart and emotion take over. It’s not always about what I see that motivates me, but how I feel about what I see.

With animals, I usually start painting the eyes. They are the window to the soul of the animal, and my journey to creating the art piece begins there.

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Our Photography

We love documenting nature, from sunrise to sunset, and everything inbetween.  We have a passion for wildlife. It is amazing how they interact with each other. To observe their behaviours and sometimes funny antics, is very rewarding. We could spend all day with them. We can often be found out viewing wildlife & nature, from an eagle in a dive to sweeping landscapes. Being out in nature and documenting stories of wildlife and landscape, and capturing fleeting moments in time, is what it’s all about. 

We believe that portrait photography doesn’t have to be boring. Who wants that? We love light and love using it to create “Magic” in our images. We don’t want to just give you photos. We want to tell YOUR story. Our photography is focused on you and your loved ones. We want to create works of Art that you hang on your wall and be conversation pieces, creating memories that will last a lifetime.